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Legal Rights

This page offers you legal information relating to the internet appearance of voestalpine High Performace Metals Polska Sp. z o.o ( First of all we would like to thank you for your interest in our company and its products. The information that voestalpine High Performace Metals Polska Sp. z o.o. makes available to you on this website has been com-piled with the greatest possible diligence and is regularly updated and extended with regard to the correctness and completeness of its contents. All information contained in this website is for informational use only and Bohler Uddeholm Polska sp. z o.o. assumes no liability for completeness or accuracy. All the information contained in this website is subject to change.

voestalpine High Performace Metals Polska Sp. z o.o excludes any liability or guarantee with regard to the accuracy, completeness and currentness of the information made available on this website or for any conse-quences that result from the use of this information. In particular, this also applies to websites that are referred to by means of hyperlinks. These are websites on whose contents we do not have any influence. Consequently, Böhler-Uddeholm Polska sp. z o.o. excludes any liability for the contents of such sites, therefore it does not verify the accuracy and correctness of the information contained on these sites and is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this information or for appropriate measures of data protection.

The contents, including images, and the design of the voestalpine High Performace Metals Polska Sp. z o.o., BÖHLER division website are subject to copyright protection and other laws protecting intellectual property irrespective of any designation (e.g. ©, ®, or ™ signs).

Duplication of the documents is permitted only for personal and informative use. Any other duplication, distribution, reproduction or transmission or other use including without limitation the use of texts, parts of texts, image material or software that may directly or indirectly be retrieved from the homepage is permitted only with the prior written consent of company.

Privacy policy

voestalpine High Performace Metals Polska Sp. z o.o has a legal duty to protect any information that is collected from you. The company responsible for collecting data on each website is indicated in the CONTACT section.
This Privacy Policy is voestalpine High Performace Metals Polska Sp. z o.o way of telling you what information is collected, how it is used, who it will be disclosed to and how you can access, change and remove your information. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to us processing this information in one or more of the ways described in this Privacy Policy.

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As a global enterprise, the voestalpine group operates several websites world-wide. Any information that you submit to our website in any country may be electronically transmitted to sites in other countries. This information may be used, saved or processed outside the country in which it was obtained. Your personal data are processed in accordance with the respective provisions on data protection of the countries concerned.

In Poland, person related data of the user are subject to the relates data protection act and are used by our company only to the extent they are necessary for personal customer service or administration of customer master data.

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