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Opis produktu

For applications involving highly corrosive environments due to the presence of chemically aggressive media, e.g. for equipment and plants which are cooled by seawater and parts for offshore plants. In the chemical industry where resistance to the attack of pure acids as well as acids containing chloride ions (sulphuric acid in particular), of organic acids and mixed acids is required in the higher pressure and temperature ranges. The enhanced resistance to crevice corrosion permits use also for applications where incrustation must be expected, and / or where the formation of gaps cannot be avoided by design precautions.

Cechy własności

Nierdzewna stal austenityczna chromowo-niklowo-molibdenowa o znacznej odporności na korozję wżerową, szczelinową i naprężeniową. Oprócz tego, odporna na korozję międzykrystaliczną do 400°C. Wymagana obróbka powierzchniowa to bejcowanie, wolna od zendry po obróbce cieplnej lub innej.

Dane techniczne

Numer gatunku stali

F44 254SMO 1.4547 X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7 S31254


10088-3 A182/A182M A276/A276M A479/A479M MDS R17

Skład chemiczny

Skład chemiczny (średni %)
max. 0.020 max. 0.80 max. 1.00 max. 0.030 max. 0.010 19.5 to 20.5 6.0 to 6.5 17.5 to 18.5 0.50 to 1.00 0.18 to 0.25

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Information on Wyroby długie ) Presented data refer exclusively to long products. Please observe the detailed explanations at the end of the data sheet (pdf).

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